Connecting with the world through meat.

Thank you for visiting this blog. Here, I, a meat artisan named Masanori Kawamura, share my efforts and daily life, as well as information about Japanese black beef. I will also discuss various topics, including the ups and downs of my work and industry, and stories with customers. Our mission is to provide the highest quality meat, using carefully selected ingredients and skilled techniques. I hope that through this blog, you can feel our passion and commitment.


My name is Masanori Kawamura, born in May 1980.

I have been working as a skilled meat craftsman for 20 years.

My previous job was a cook and service staff at a bistro.

My special skill is being able to determine the fattening period of beef and the location of the slaughterhouse just by looking at the meat.

I enjoy various outdoor activities in the mountains and my favorite food is sushi, while I don’t like anko (sweet red bean paste).

I don’t understand English at all, so I struggle with translation software every day.

The concept of this blog is to connect people through meat, introduce our meat craftsmanship and efforts, and enjoy meat culture more deeply through exchanging stories with customers. We will provide various information and entertainment about Japanese beef, our passion, technology, and Japanese food culture. We also strive for sustainable development in the meat industry while considering the environment. Through this blog, we aim to spread information and knowledge about meat, connect people through meat, and foster a rich food culture.



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